Instrumentation for Scientific Research

Accurate and traceable measurements of atmospheric gases are essential for both understanding our changing environment, and the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of climate change mitigation strategies in response to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases and resulting global warming. In addition to concentration measurements for background studies, and source monitoring and quantification, isotopic measurements allow the attribution of emissions sources, as well as tracing the natural cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and water. Atmospheric science has benefitted greatly from the ability to make these measurements in the field, and here at MIRICO our goal is to provide scientists with the flexible tools they need to make ever-more exciting and essential advances.


MIRICO’s unique platforms offer new insights for a variety of scientific applications:

  • Greenhouse gas monitoring

  • Environmental sciences

  • Eddy covariance using our ultra-fast open path system

  • Air quality studies of pollutants in urban areas

  • Agricultural monitoring, measuring atmospheric pollutants form farming activities

The Dispersion Spectrometer Range

MIRICO’S advanced Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy approach is applied within our LDS 100 range for both open path and in-situ measurements. The technique utilises a continuous differential measurement technique which significantly improves accuracy and precision in measurement as effects arising from drifts in the system’s operation are statistically minimised.

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