Trace Contaminant Monitoring in Process Applications and Air Quality Measurements

Gas measurements play a critical role in both maximising product yield through trace contaminant detection, and ensuring the health and safety of employees and the general public.  In addition, the wider environment is also protected from potentially harmful emissions.  The monitoring of process and purge gas purity, the determination of trace level impurities within the cleanroom environment, and during deposition, etch, and cleaning operations, combine to optimise production process efficiency and minimise losses.  Meanwhile, emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere is prevented via monitoring and control of abatement facilities, as well as continuous measurement at the fenceline.  MIRICO’s novel, mid-infrared products represent a powerful step forward in gas measurement technology, providing sensitive, continuous, and robust solutions for the full range of critical measurement points associated with the fabrication of semiconductor devices.


Through the use of our cutting edge technology in spectroscopy, MIRICO’s analysers can deliver ultra high sensitivity for precise molecular analysis in a variety of applications throughout the semiconductor fabrication value chain, including:

  • Cleanroom airborne molecular contaminant monitoring

  • Air quality measurements in and around the fab

  • Make-up Air Unit molecular analysis

The Dispersion Spectrometer Range

MIRICO’S advanced Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy approach is applied within our LDS 100 range for both open path and in-situ measurements. The technique utilises a continuous differential measurement technique which significantly improves accuracy and precision in measurement as effects arising from drifts in the system’s operation are statistically minimised.

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