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L D S   1 0 0  -  E G A

The LDS 100 Extractive Gas Analyser is designed to be adaptable to a variety of applications, through its modular design. It applies MIRICO's proprietary Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy as its fundamental molecular sensing approach. The system can analyse multiple gases in a variety of conditions. Interchangeable modules allow for ease of maintenance an flexibility in meeting customer application demands.

Ultra high sensitivity analysis with broad dynamic range in a highly modular and configurable package. The instrument utilises MIRICO's proprietary Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy technique in combination with a low volume sample cell. The modular design allows for ease of maintenance and flexibility in addressing customer requirements. The overall combination offers several advantages;

  • Multi-species gas analysis depending on application requirements
  • High sensitivity gas analysis (ppb/ ppt) depending on gas & application
  • Fast measurement (10 Hz)
  • High selectivity; little interference, and high-accuracy in complex gas mixtures
  • High throughput for dynamic applications
  • Broad concentration range without need for sample dilution
  • Simple and robust optical design
  • Field serviceable and replaceable modular units, minimise down time
  • Integrated system diagnostics
  • Detailed physical model for in depth understanding of measurements
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can be deployed in the field and on mobile platforms
  • Designed for unattended, remote operation

Modular multi-layer approach enables adaptable elements such as fluidics, cooling, and laser modules. This makes the system adaptable to customer specific requirements. Applications include;

Atmospheric Science
  • Greenhouse gas analysis
  • Geosciences
  • Planetary science


  • AMC cleanroom monitoring
  • FOUP analysis
  • Stack emissions monitoring


  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Natural gas plants
  • Fossil fuel power generation

MIRICO performs spectral analysis on an application basis to define gas limit of detection, sensitivity, and accuracy figures. This system is currently at prototype stage of development. Get in touch to request a demonstration or to detail application requirements.

Item Specification
Size 420mm x 300mm x 200mm (WxDxH)
Data Rate Up to 10 Hz depending on sample handling
Options Interchangeable lasers depending on gas required

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