MIRICO’s team consists of a highly diverse range of backgrounds and combines specialist technical capabilities in engineering and the sciences, which brings about a strong culture of innovation. Our commercial team has in-depth understanding of sector applications, helping to create truly unique solutions.

Dr Linda Bell

Linda holds a DPhil in Chemistry from Oxford University and an MBA, she has had extensive experience of leading and growing science based international businesses in a range of industrial and process industries. She served as Managing Director of Servomex Group Ltd, part of Spectris, who supplies gas analysis instrumentation to blue chip companies in petrochemical, chemical, laboratory, environmental and healthcare fields.

Mohammed Belal
Business Development Director

Mohammed graduated studying engineering at Imperial College London. He went on to work at the Science and Technology Facilities Council on various innovation projects, where he was awarded an enterprise fellowship and worked closely with Damien Weidmann and the Laser Spectroscopy Team to develop the business plan and start up MIRICO. Mohammed is dedicating to ensuring MIRICO delivers world class products that deliver best solutions to MIRICO’s customers.

Dr Damien Weidmann

Damien has been working in the field of laser sensing research and development for the last sixteen years including his Ph.D. Damien joined Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Space Science and Technology Department in 2004, where he founded and grew the laser spectroscopy team currently made of 8 full time scientists. Among various remote and in-situ laser-sensing concepts (6 patent families, 4 pending), he developed a carbon dioxide isotopic analyser for prospective planetary applications and Chirped Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (CLaDS), which MIRICO is now engineering and exploiting towards commercial applications.

Dr Arun Kannath
Technical Manager

Arun has an MSc in Electrical Engineering and carried out his PhD developing spectroscopic techniques. He’s a chartered engineer with a deep understanding of tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. Over the last 13 years Arun has worked on numerous optoelectronic solutions for gas detection in a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring. Arun is responsible for managing technical projects within MIRICO and ensuring the products are delivered to specification.

Dr Johnny Chu
Development Scientist

Johnny holds a degree in chemistry, and completed his PhD at Sheffield University where he developed several optical instruments including a spectrometer using quantum cascade lasers. Johnny has exceptional knowledge in spectroscopy and instrument development and plays an integral role to shaping MIRICO’s products.

Dr Annika Voss
Development Scientist

Following an undergraduate degree in physics, Annika moved to Vancouver (Canada) where she carried out her PhD work at a leading international laboratory for particle and nuclear physics research. Having obtained a PhD in experimental nuclear physics from The University of Manchester, she has developed novel laser spectroscopic techniques since the beginning of her career. Benefitting from a breadth of experience following work at a number of renowned research facilities, Annika brings this to her role in MIRICO developing new products for commercial application.

Dr Patrick Yeates
Lead Engineer

Patrick holds a degree in applied physics and mathematics and holds a Ph.D in laser physics. He has worked on vast scale complex projects including MRI machines and linear accelerators in both a scientific and engineering capacity. Patrick works to ensure MIRICO’s products are built to a highly robust & quality standard.

David Denny

David has worked in or served on the board of over fifteen start-up companies since 2000. David is a partner in Longwall Ventures, MIRICO’s lead investor, which manages two investment funds and is based at the Harwell Campus. David is a mechanical engineer and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dr Andrew Muir

Andrew is a Director of Midven, an important MIRICO shareholder, and Fund Principal of the Rainbow Seed and Early Advantage Funds. Following a DPhil in Chemistry from the University of Oxford Andrew worked in a range of research and business development roles, and has developed a successful track record in technology venture capital.

Dr Elizabeth Kirby

Liz has a degree in Chemistry and a DPhil in Physical Chemistry from the University of Oxford. She then joined the commercial team in a start-up company spun-out of Oxford University, and built up expertise in intellectual property management and IP strategy.  Later, Liz spent 7 years at the University of Reading as their IP/Legal Advisor. Then, in 2012, Liz joined STFC as Licensing Manager. She is based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and now forms part of the STFC innovation management team, with responsibility for a portfolio of spin-out companies and licensing deals.

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