Agricultural Monitoring


Measuring the environmental impact of farming
Agricultural Monitoring

Providing insights into agricultural emissions

Agricultural activities contribute directly to climate change, primarily through emissions of methane and ammonia arising from rearing livestock, spreading manure and growing rice.

Unlike many other systems, whose measurements would be affected by inclement weather, MIRICO’s instruments provide an advanced measurement capability under a wider range of environmental conditions, enabling accurate and continuous measurements over agricultural facilities.

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Proven to deliver performance

Key benefits

Compared with conventional methods of monitoring methane and ammonia concentrations, MIRICO’s Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy technology offers:

  • Accurate, precise and reliable measurements
  • Consistent performance in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, dust)
  • Large area coverage with simple, robust equipment
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring
  • Real time, reproducible data for more meaningful analysis

With MIRICO you can monitor the concentration of methane, carbon dioxide or ammonia, reducing environmental impact while maintaining productivity.

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May 12, 2021

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March 23, 2021

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