Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Gas Monitoring

Monitoring global warming threats
Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Supporting the scientific community

MIRICO provides high performance gas sensing intelligence to the global scientific community to enable the development of new insights into the complex dynamics of the world’s environment and climate.

The greater sensitivity and selectivity of Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy informs the design of transformational interventions with the aim of delivering meaningful impact to mitigate climate change.

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Proven to deliver performance

Key benefits

Compared with conventional methods of monitoring greenhouse gases, MIRICO’s Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy technology offers:

  • Accurate, precise and reliable measurements
  • Consistent performance in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, dust)
  • Wide range of area coverage with simple, robust equipment
  • Autonomous and continuous monitoring
  • Real time data for immediate analysis

With MIRICO you can quantify greenhouse gas concentrations with ahigh degree of precision and certainty to inform the design of transformational interventions.

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Latest Insights

May 12, 2021

MIRICO CLOUD - Quantification

May 12, 2021

MIRICO Launches MIRICO CLOUD, enabling real-time, visual monitoring of emissions
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March 23, 2021

Wide area continuous methane monitoring over six months in rural, South East England