Our Specialists

Our Specialist Team

MIRICO’s team consists of a highly diverse range of backgrounds and combines specialist technical capabilities in engineering and the sciences, which brings about a strong culture of innovation. Our commercial team has in-depth understanding of sector applications, helping to create truly unique solutions.

  • David Denny

    Partner and Founder, Longwall Venture Partners. MIRICO Non-Executive Director

    David started his career as a graduate engineer in Carnaud Metalbox (now Crown Cork), working in a range of roles from R&D to production and project management. David spent much of his career living and working overseas in Spain, Argentina, USA, Belgium and France. David did his MBA at Harvard Business School, after which he joined Z Corporation, an MIT licensee start up. He spent several years growing the European and Asian businesses before entering the venture industry in 2004. David is a partner and founder of Longwall Venture Partners and predominantly focuses on physical science and engineering opportunities.

    “Longwall is the lead investor in MIRICO and is delighted to see the progress being made towards full commercialisation of a powerful new spectroscopy technique which will transform the global gas sensing market.”
  • Dr Andrew Muir

    Midven Investment Director & Fund Principal of the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund and Early Advantage Fund. MIRICO Non-Executive Director.

    Dr Andrew Muir is a director of specialist fund management company Midven where he is Investment Director for the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund, the founding investor in MIRICO. After an initial scientific career at Zeneca he went on to roles in research and business development at the medical device company Biocompatibles and then Vice President of Technology for a US start-up in disinfection of medical equipment. He started his career in venture capital with NESTA (the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts). He has a degree and a DPhil in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

    “The UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund investment in MIRICO perfectly reflects our investment philosophy of investing at the very earliest stage in disruptive technology solutions and we are committed to helping the team realise its ambition.”
  • Dr Elizabeth Kirby

    Director of Innovation at STFC.
    MIRICO Non-Executive Director

    Liz started her career at Opsys Limited (a spin out company from Oxford University) before joining the University of Reading as IP/Legal adviser. She joined STFC in 2012 as IP Licensing Manager and was appointed as a Director of STFC Innovations Ltd. in 2018. Liz is a board Director on several start-up companies which have been spun out from STFC physical science research activities. Liz has a degree and DPhil in Physical Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

    “The STFC Innovations Ltd investment in MIRICO follows the potential we saw for innovative technology derived from STFC’s cutting edge Space research programmes to transform the gas sensing markets.”
  • Andrew Bloxham

    Senior Investment Manager, Foresight Williams. MIRICO Non-Executive Director

    Andrew is an experienced venture capital investor, having spent nearly twenty years advising and investing in early-stage UK technology businesses. Andrew joined Foresight Williams in 2018 and sits on MIRICO’s board as its investor director. He began his career at JPMorgan in the technology corporate finance team and subsequently worked for London-based boutique advisor, Strata Partners and then, EIS investor, Committed Capital. Andrew has a MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the University of Surrey.

    “Foresight Williams invested £1.6m into MIRICO in early 2018 to help grow the business and accelerate the commercialisation of its pioneering technology.”
  • Hans Nilsson


    Hans joined MIRICO as Chairman in January 2020.
  • Dr Linda Bell


    Linda joined MIRICO in March 2018. She is an experienced business leader of science-based businesses serving global industrial markets. Linda began her career at ICI Plc in the plastics and speciality chemicals divisions moving into senior business leadership roles during her career there. She then joined Spectris Plc as Managing Director of their gas analysis instrumentation company, Servomex Ltd., before moving to CEO of Inca Digital Printers, part of Dainippon Screen and then to CEO of PhosphonicS, a privately funded SME. Linda has a MA and DPhil in Chemistry from Oxford University and an MBA from the Open University.

    “MIRICO has great prospects in the field of gas analysis and I am delighted to be leading such a strong team to a successful future.”
  • Dr Damien Weidmann


    Damien founded MIRICO in December 2015, and for over twenty years, has been delivering research and development in the field of novel laser-based sensing instrumentation and applications for trace chemical analysis. He has worked in research laboratories in France (IPPHÉ, Marseille; University of Reims), the USA (Laser Science Group, Rice University), and the UK (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford). He joined Rutherford Appleton Laboratory’s Space Science and Technology division in 2004, where he established and lead laser spectroscopy R&D activity. 

    “I founded MIRICO with the vision of providing transformational novel laser spectrometry approaches to challenges facing gas analysis.”
  • James Hobby

    Director of Technology

    James joined MIRICO in July 2019. Prior to MIRICO, James has had thirty years of experience in the use and design of industrial and medical gas instrumentation most recently at Servomex where he held a number of senior roles most recently as CSO. James is an inventor on over a dozen patents and has led the successful market introduction of tens of gas analysis products, including those based on laser spectroscopy, over the last twenty-five years. James holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Reading and has specialised in metrology.

    “I joined MIRICO as I wanted to be part of  the most innovative spectroscopy technology to come to the market for the last 25 years!”
  • Stuart Bray

    R&D Test Support Technician

    Stuart joined MIRICO in June 2019. He has an HND in electronics engineering and has been working in the electronics industry for over forty years. He has been working for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority for the last nine years, designing and building diagnostic equipment for the Nuclear Fusion research project MAST. Prior to this, he worked in the air quality and emissions monitoring sector for eighteen years, and has a broad range of electronics experience.

    “I am looking forward to helping develop a unique and interesting product and to bringing it to market as a fully-fledged product.”
  • Dr Johnny Chu

    Senior Development Scientist

    Johnny began his career with MIRICO in December 2015, immediately after submitting his PhD thesis on highly sensitive optical cavity-based laser gas sensing techniques such as CRDS, cavity-based Raman and photoacoustic spectroscopy, in conjunction with various sponsors such as Smith Detection, DSTL, and the MOD.

    “MIRICO has enabled me to expand my capabilities not only as a scientist but also as an engineer (mechanical and optical), and to learn how to balance between commercial and technical needs. It has given me the experience of transforming a prototype into a product as part of a small dedicated team.”
  • Callum Emmett

    Commercial Executive

    “I’m extremely excited to be part of such a dynamic and fantastic team here. After studying a postgraduate in Business Management and Marketing at Oxford Brookes University, my new role at MIRICO as commercial executive gives me a fantastic opportunity to put my academic knowledge into practice.” callum.emmett@mirico.co.uk
  • Dr Catlin Gunn

    Development Scientist

    Catlin joined MIRICO in February 2019, working on the development of our laser dispersion spectroscopy technology. Her doctoral work involved using a range of spectroscopic techniques to investigate biological systems, including the building of instrumentation. Since completing her D.Phil. in 2015 she has worked in academic and industry positions.

    “I am interested in bringing new technology to market, and MIRICO’s novel technology attracted me to the company.“
  • Niall Hoodless

    Mechanical Design Engineer

    Niall joined MIRICO in August 2019.  He has worked as a lead mechanical design engineer in both SME and corporate environments, developing and manufacturing hazardous area gas detection devices and solutions. He is a leading industry expert in extractive sampling systems for smoke and gas safety, with two hundred and sixty bespoke systems delivered around the globe. His driving interests in engineering are safety and the environment. He holds a BSc in Design Engineering from Bournemouth University, and was drawn to MIRICO by the future positive disruption the technology offers the market.

    “After closely following the progress of the technology, I joined MIRICO to be a part of the team bringing this latest innovative and game-changing technology in gas sensing to market. Coming from a safety and hazardous area product background, I can see the vast advantages for safety and environmental monitoring the product has to offer.”
  • Andrew James

    Embedded Software Engineer

    Andrew has been working at MIRICO since November 2018, following thirty years of commercial software development experience. He graduated from Coventry University, and initially worked at Apricot Computers on very early versions of Windows. His career has spanned a broad array of companies from start-ups to large corporates such as Sony, NEC and McLaren, and a similarly broad array of applications from microfluidics to satellite ground stations.

    “MIRICO offers me the challenging opportunity to shape and develop innovative, game-changing technologies that have positive impacts on a wide range of environmental and industrial processes.”
  • Dr Arun Kannath

    Technical Manager

    Arun joined MIRICO as Technical Manager in July 2016, after eight years of industrial design and development experience in laser spectroscopy. Following his PhD in Infrared Spectroscopy from the University of Southampton, he pursued multiple career opportunities with diverse applications that armed him with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary detection technologies.

    “The possibility of introducing a truly disruptive system based on a fundamentally unique approach was what attracted me the most to MIRICO. My role here allows me to realise this goal with the collective efforts of my team and I truly believe we are at the cusp of delivering a gamechanger.”
  • Dr Richard Kovacich

    Principal Optical Scientist

    Richard has been with MIRICO since May 2019. He gained his physics PhD at the University of Western Australia, and later a postdoctoral fellowship at the Bureau Nationale Metrologie France studying high resolution laser spectroscopy and optical-to-microwave frequency metrology for atomic time keeping. Following a career move to industry he joined Servomex in 2003 and brought his laser instrumentation skills to the field of gas analysis, where his work led to developing an innovative compact and versatile laser gas analyser for process gas analysis.

    “I enjoy exploring and developing technology to provide analysis solutions for real world application problems in challenging environments.”
  • Indu Menon

    Finance Assistant

    Indu has been with MIRICO since June 2019. Having completed her undergraduate degree in electronics and communications engineering, she became an intern for a firm which enabled her training in different departments within the company. Her interest in finance stemmed from this, and she opted for an MBA specialising in finance.

    “My role as finance assistant at MIRICO helps me pursue a career in finance and the part time role enables me to continue studying further, with which MIRICO is extremely supportive.”
  • Dr Doug Millington-Smith

    Applications Scientist

    Doug joined MIRICO in November 2018, having worked at the unique interface between technology and the customer since leaving university, providing training, support and applications consultancy in several scientific industries. He finished his PhD in chemistry at the University of Bath in 2007, by which time he knew that it was not wet chemistry, but rather working with precision scientific instrumentation, that interested him the most.

    “My position as applications scientist at MIRICO enables me to introduce and nurture a groundbreaking new technology across a diverse range of industries, and address one of the most fundamental challenges of our time.”

  • Dr Graham Naylor

    Principal Systems Engineer

    Graham joined MIRICO in the summer of 2018 after a long career in high-tech instrumentation. Originally trained in Physics at the University of Oxford, specialising in optics, he gained a doctorate in the Laser and Atomic Physics department before joining a small company developing new types of lasers. Since then he has worked for a spectroscopy group at CNRS (France), developing instrumentation for the European Synchrotron in Grenoble, and fusion diagnostics, acquisition and control systems at Culham.

    “I pioneered much work in the use of FPGAs for high performance diagnostic instruments, and now provide that electronics expertise to MIRICO.”
  • Dr Nicholas Paul

    Development Scientist

    Nicholas joined MIRICO in 2019 after returning from a postdoc in Heidelberg, Germany. His original background is in physical chemistry (Newcastle University, 2007-2011), with specialisation in femtosecond nonlinear optics applied to synthetic and biological materials (University of Cambridge, 2011-2015). Ultimately, he decided to leave academic sciences and pursue research and/or industrial work in applied science sectors. He put his experience of optical systems design, scientific programming and experimental design to use in the development of future gas-sensing spectrometer products that MIRICO wish to release.

    “Aspects of particular interest to me are the applications MIRICO products have for the oil and gas sector.”
  • Dr Sophie Purser

    Commercial Manager

    Sophie joined the MIRICO team in September 2019 as Commercial Manager. After obtaining both MChem and D.Phil degrees in chemistry from the University of Oxford, Sophie began her career as a scientist at PhosphonicS Ltd. She later moved into Business Development, working primarily with the chemical and electronics industries, in the field of precious metal recovery. She then moved into the role of Commercial Manager at Gamidor Technical Services Ltd, a company specialising in the sales and maintenance of medical devices. Sophie relishes the unique challenges presented by working with cutting edge, transformative technology in industrial settings.

    “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to help both scientists and industrialists to work towards addressing one of the greatest issues of our time.”

  • Stephanie Shen

    Office Manager

    Stephanie joined MIRICO in May 2018, and is responsible for purchasing and supply chain management, HR operations, and general office management. She holds a BA in Applied Psychology, and an MA in Human Resource Management, from Durham University. 

    “With a background working in a diverse range of roles in operations and sales for numerous companies in the scientific and technology industries, I have a well-rounded skill set and very much enjoy the high-speed environment of a scientific startup.”
  • Dr Patrick Yeates

    Principal Instrumentation Engineer

    Patrick arrived at MIRICO in 2016 as its third employee, having left the corporate world seeking a new challenge. He has a PhD in laser plasma physics, six years of postdoctoral work across Europe, and five years in industrial medical technology. At MIRICO, he has had the opportunity to influence the fusion of complex technical challenges with creative instrument development, with his work as lead engineer spanning a range of domains from mechanical engineering, product design and development, to multi-physics simulations, software and system integration.

    “As a chartered engineer and physicist my primary responsibility is the quality of our instruments and the guarantee of unmatched performance we give our customers.”